​​Marble Depot

Rock Products Import

Rock Products Import Corporation|
Phone: 626-453-8786 | Fax: 626-453-3608
Email: rockproducts2420@gmail.com
Open: Monday-Friday 9:00am- 4:00pm

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​Our Staff

Rock Products Import staff members are energetic and dedicated to excellence.  Rock Products Import was founded on the concept that good will towards others, including our fellow employees, is good business. We are committed to supporting our employees in providing an outstanding experience for our customers.  We value the family we have created within our team members.

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Our Customers

Rock Products Import stocks an unparalleled breadth of inventory, thereby allowing us to provide exceptional service to our customers. Commercial developers, designers and architects look to us as a resource for technical information; while designers and builders entrust their clients to us. For customers, the experience we create while taking them through the selection process is the essence of Rock Products Import.

Rock Products Import is conveniently located in El Monte, California. We've been supplying our Nationwidecustomers with the highest quality natural stones, marble tiles, and mosaics around. We operate our own manufacturing company located overseas, so we have very competitive pricing. We take pride in our work and have built a great reputation with customer satisfaction. We focus on both the residential and commercial markets, working with architects, designers, contractors, developers, dealers, corporate accounts, and homeowners. We pride ourselves on fostering committed partnerships with our vendors, and our dealer market has grown dramatically in recent years.

You can choose from our vast selection of colors, textures and designs! Our customer's love our products and I'm sure you will too, our showroom is located at

Showroom/Business Hours: M-F 9am to 4pm

**We provide FREE samples for most of our material**

(shipping & handling charges are not included). 


Our Quality

Every product we supply must pass a detailed inspection before it is shipped to Rock Products Import Corp and ultimately, our customers. All products undergo a rigid quality control process including both automated and human inspection, utilizing the most advanced technologies available in the market today.